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Welcome to the Connected Fleet. Siren Fleet™ allows fleet operators to manage multiple marine assets from one clean, intuitive dashboard. Monitor precise GPS location, set multiple geofences, and receive alerts when critical events occur. Detailed event histories give managers all the information they need to keep operations running smoothly.

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Notifications & Alerts

Multiple users can receive alerts via SMS text or email, in addition to viewing real-time information on the SirenFleet dashboard.



Commands can be sent for individual boats or entire fleets to engage critical systems such as battery switches, security sensors, and much more.


GPS Breadcrumb Tracking

View a detailed history of each boat’s GPS track, providing valuable insight into a boat’s activity surrounding a particular event.

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Dive deeper into vessel information and generate an event report that can instantly be exported into a document for review.

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Create complex geofence shapes with user defined parameters to define hazards and set the acceptable navigable area for the fleet.

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User Management

A hierarchical user management system allows administrators to assign different permissions to each user,  ensuring owner privacy.


"The Siren Marine system gives us peace of mind that we've really not had in the past."

Kim Hapgood

Program Director – Sail Newport


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