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Pairing Steps & Troubleshooting


Please verify you have the correct sensor model for your device.

  • Wireless Sensors compatible with the MTC Main Device have the Siren Marine logo (two orange half circles) on the front cover
  • Wireless Sensors compatible with the Siren 3 Pro Main Device have the same logo on the front cover, but with the addition of the number “3” above the logo

Wireless Sensors are not interchangeable between the MTC and Siren 3 Pro Main Devices. The sensor will not pair to the Main Device if it is not the correct model. Sensor tails are interchangeable, but we advise using the new tails that come with new sensors if you are replacing a sensor or have upgraded from a previous generation device.

Before You Begin...

Before pairing sensor modules, assure solid cellular connectivity by noting the indicator lights on the MTC, Siren 3 Pro or in the Siren Marine Mobile App.

  • On the Siren 3 Pro, the cellular LED indicator (leftmost) should be solid green (not flashing), to indicate cellular connectivity. Once a Wireless Sensor has successfully communicated with the Siren 3 Pro, the wireless sensor LED (third from the left) will turn from flashing to solid green
  • On the MTC, the amber light should be solid, not flashing
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To Get Started...

You will need your smartphone, Siren Marine Mobile App, active Cellular Subscription, Wireless Sensor with coin cell battery removed, and the MTC or Siren 3 Pro device installed and powered on. Note: If sensor was already paired, but not working correctly, remove the coin cell battery and wait at least 60 seconds before re-inserting.

Step 1

Bring the sensor near the Siren 3 Pro or MTC device with the tail connected (if applicable) to the sensor, but not connected to what the sensor is monitoring e.g. bilge pump or battery bank.

Step 2

Go to the Settings page of the App and select ‘Add Wireless Sensor’. Then use the mobile app to scan the QR code on the back of the Wireless Sensor.

Step 3

Insert the coin cell battery into the Wireless Sensor. Siren 3 Pro sensors will have a flashing LED towards the bottom of right of where the battery was inserted. (If you do not see any LED flashes, you could have the wrong sensor model or the battery could be dead.) Proper installation of the coin cell battery: Positive (+) symbol and model # 2430 facing out from the circuit board.

Step 4

Wait 15 minutes.

Step 5

Check to see if the sensor is showing a current date/time stamp in the App to indicate that the module is communicating. Tap on the tile associated with the Wireless Sensor on the home-screen where you will find the date/time stamp under the sensor icon. Do not move the sensor away from the Main Device until you see the current date/time stamp.

Step 6

Once the sensor has bridged communication with the Main Device, bring the sensor to its desired location and observe to see if the connection/signal remains. You can verify this by noting the date/time stamp on the associated tile in the Siren Marine App. This will ensure the Wireless Sensor maintains signal in the location you intend to install it.

Step 7

If your sensor is using a tail, wait at least 15 minutes after sensor communication has begun before connecting the tail to a battery bank or bilge pump. If this step is not followed, you will need to remove the coin cell battery for 60 seconds and repeat starting with Step 5.

Still Experiencing Trouble?

If you have followed these steps in order and still do not see the sensor with a current date/time stamp, contact Siren Marine's Customer Support team at 401-619-4664 or email us at support@sirenmarine.com.